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In A Field:
We were walking through a field of flowers. Our hands clasped tight together, smiles on our lips, laughing. We were happy.
An abandoned house in the background, seemed pretty normal. But the flowers - the flowers were weeping this black liquid. I looked at her with a worried glance. I’d never seen anything like this before. It was weird, but it was assuring that we both saw the same thing. Something started to smell awful as well, so we left after a quick examination.

Later, i searched the address on google. 32 children found buried in a field of flowers. #horror #art #stories #creepypastas #college #murder

Watch BreatheGrunge on Guitar Center Singer Songwriter 3 With Don Was

Hey guys. I entered a contest for guitar center. I know I’m not famous or anything, so I know it would be very hard to win this contest. But I would greatly appreciate it if some of you guys could help me out. If you can, please share this link, because the amount of views and popularity it gains, gives me a greater chance of winning, and I really need the money for college, and producing the album. And I promise, that if you help me win this, I’ve got your back if you need anything in the future. If you share it, please message me, because I want to thank you personally.

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